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found Arwen on 1-10-02

found Gandalf on 3-23-02

found Merry & Pippin in Kinder Egg from Germany on 3-29-02



found Boromir in Kinder Egg from Germany on 5-01-02

found Gimli in Kinder Egg from Germany on 5-09-02

found Sam & Legolas The Elf on 5-10-02

found a Story Book
on 5-11-02

Story book full of pictures
Front cover
Back cover

New Series for The Two Towers 2002 below

found Ork on 12-09-02

found Frodo on 12-10-02


found Legolas on 12-12-02

found Gandalf on 12-22-02

found Saruman on 1-11-03

found Schlangenzunge on 1-13-03

found Faramir on 1-11-03

found Eowyn on 4-9-03

New series surprised us on April 23rd, 2004


note:  this collection is for sale: